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Support Explained

We value your trust in Exicube and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our products and services.

You can get most of the common support issues in the forum. To access the forum you have register. The support forum is very detailed and has following: 

1. FAQ and Manuals

2. Installation Issues

3. Solutions to Errors and 3rd party problems

4. Video guides

Below there are 2 sections for detailed explanation on Support for the products purchased on our Exicube website and Codecanyon both. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to use the chat and the contact us page

Guidelines for Customers who purchased products here on :

Thank you for choosing Exicube! We are committed to providing excellent support for our products. Following are the basics of Support. Please review the full support policy here.

  1. Support Coverage:

    • Free Support Service for 1 month from purchase of product (Not on customisations).

    • Monthly Support Packages available for extended support. Terms and cost to be decided on case to case basis.

    • One-Time Paid Support Assistance for non-subscribers.

  2. Support Channels:

  3. Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (India Standard Time). 

  4. Customisations and Enhancements: Terms and cost to be decided on case to case basis.

  5. Software Updates: Free software updates for 1 year. There may be additional costs for hiring to setup the updates on the client's App and backend.

Guidelines for Customers who purchased from Codecanyon :

Welcome to our website! We appreciate your interest in our products. If you have purchased our software on Codecanyon, please be aware of the following support details:

  1. Official Support Platform: Exicube Apps sold on do not come with official or dedicated support. However, assistance is available for installation issues through the Exicube chat on

  2. CodeCanyon Support Policy: The App falls under the All Items category on CodeCanyon and does not include any support. Refer to the CodeCanyon Support Policy at for details.

  3. Eligibility for Support: Support is provided exclusively to verified clients registered on via chat. Eligible clients must register their codecanyon purchase code on the Envato Licenses page in the My Account section. Questions can be asked on the Website Chat. More information can be found at Forum which can be accessed after registering to our website.

  4. Support Method and Contact: Assistance is provided through a chat-based system, and issues are best explained with screenshots. Exicube support is not available via Phone, WhatsApp, or Skype.

  5. Response Time: The support team aims to respond within 36 hours. Patience is appreciated due to the potential backlog of customer queries. Posting multiple times or at various places will not expedite the resolution.

  6. Free Future Updates: Lifetime free updates for Exicube Apps on are available. However, this does not include any form of assistance or support for a lifetime.

  7. Remote Desktop Support: Exicube does not provide remote desktop support as part of its assistance services.

  8. App Updates Support: Assistance for updating the Apps is not included in the support services provided by Exicube.

  9. Store Publishing Support: Exicube does not offer support for Apple App Store and Google Play Store publishing.

  10. Customization and Code Queries: Exicube does not provide support for customizations, queries on code, tips on code, or errors resulting from attempted customizations.

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