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Exicube Ride - Taxi Dispatch Software


Exicube Ride Service and Catergories Image with Cab, Delivery, Bid, Rentals and Outhstation

Exicube Ride integrates the power of taxi dispatch software, cab booking system, delivery services, bidding rides, rentals, and outstation travel into a single platform, creating a seamless and efficient experience for both customers and companies. Exicube Ride has you covered whether you're an entrepreneur trying to launch your own cab booking service or a delivery service provider in need of a solid platform.

iOS, Android, Web & Admin

Maximize reach and streamline operations with our cross-platform app solution, supporting iOS, Android, Web, and Admin App and  functionalities.

Fleet and Service Providers

Efficiently manage your fleet and connect with a network of reliable service providers through our comprehensive app platform ensuring seamless operations

Cab, Delivery, Bidding & Rentals

Power your app-based service business with our versatile platform, seamlessly integrating cab, delivery, bidding, and rentals to meet all your customer's needs.

Multi Country, Currency & Language

Expand your business across borders with ease, accommodating multiple countries, currencies, and languages to cater to a diverse global audience.

 Wallet, Cash & Native Payments

Simplify transactions with our integrated wallet, cash, and native payment solutions, providing seamless and secure payment options for your service business.

Surge Pricing & Zones

Optimise your service business with dynamic surge pricing and intelligent zone management, ensuring fair pricing and efficient resource allocation.


Since 2017, we have achieved a global presence, serving clients in every corner of the world. Our best-selling product, Exicube Taxi App, available on, has sold over 1000+ copies and is widely embraced in over 100+ countries. It is now the highest selling Taxi Mobile App source code in the world.

Exicube Taxi App Source code from


Exicube Taxi booking App is a Taxi hailing service App like Uber and Lyft. It comes with a Mobile App for iOS and Android, Web Booking and Admin Portal. Passengers and Drivers can fully manage their booking from App. Full source code with well documented setup instructions.

Exicube Delivery App Source code from


Exicube Delivery is an App based vehicle booking solution perfected for parcel delivery services. The solutions comes with Multiple Vhicle types with delivery options and end to end delivery workflow.  Full source code and best documentation for Android, iOS, Website and Admin Panel.

Exicube Bid Taxi App Source code from Codecanyon.netz


A bid-based ride app that revolutionises the way users book rides by allowing drivers to bid, giving passengers the opportunity to choose the most affordable and convenient option. With the app, users can enjoy transparency, control, and cost savings, as drivers compete to offer the best fares.

* Note: The Apps that are sold on and other source code market places are sold directly from those 3rd part websites and are governed by the policies of those market places. 

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