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How Rodney's mission and Exicube's solution contributed to a beneficial shift in the community's economic development.

Updated: May 6


In the vibrant city of Paterson, USA, Rodney Addison is a passionate advocate with a strong vision for empowering the community. Through his NGO, he is leading efforts to support and uplift local drivers, enabling them to have a greater presence in the ride-hailing industry. He accomplished this by launching a revolutionary app called Pull-Up Rideshare, which has changed the game. Exicube's taxi app solution has also played a crucial role in advancing his mission.


A basic insight made Rodney realize that while ride-hailing giants such as Uber, Bolt, and Lyft dominate the industry, they often underpay drivers, taking a significant chunk of their earnings. Determined to create a platform to change this scenario and empower the community, and its economic development he turned to Exicube for a solution. One thing that sets Exicube apart is its dedication to empowering local businesses and communities. Their affordable white-label taxi solutions, together with a few customizations, made it possible for Rodney to fulfill his vision of serving his town and the drivers associated with Paterson City. Armed with the Exicube’s technology, Rodney's NGO set out to revolutionize community transportation and its economic equations. The results are remarkable: the drivers now enjoy a 85 – 87 percentage share of ride bookings, which is actually a huge difference from the practices of industry giants.

Rodney's effort has a greater influence than merely numbers. By ensuring that drivers receive a decent share of their earnings, he is not only boosting their livelihoods but also promoting a sense of pride and ownership in the community. Local drivers now feel like their work is acknowledged and appreciated. However, Rodney's success story would be incomplete without acknowledging the vital role played by Exicube. Their cutting-edge technology, user-friendly interface, feature-rich platform, quick customization, and prompt support have assisted Rodney in making a positive change. As Rodney expressed it, "Exicube's Taxi App solution isn't just a product; it's a catalyst for transformation. It's empowering drivers, revitalizing communities, and paving the way for a more equitable future in transportation."


The relationship between Rodney Addison and Exicube is the driving force behind the change in the transportation business. With the use of Exicube's technology, Rodney has the power to make the world a better place for the drivers. As Rodney continues to stand up for local drivers, Exicube proudly remains by his side, dedicated to offering creative solutions that lead to positive change.

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